Work Permit Service
Worker's residence permit Finland

Worker's residence permit, also called work permit or working visa

Advice to Employers

Work permit cases will be investigated expertly and customer focused


Advice to workers based in Finland and applying for a residence permit on the basis of employment.

Extended service

I can assist the part or whole of the process from start to finish, for example, the application documents, the authorities, etc.

Appeal procedure

Assistance with complaint against an eventual negative work permit decision to the Administrative Court

 In Finland based employers and workers are warmly welcome.

Overseas agencies strictly no thanks.

The requirements and arrangements for residence permits are confusing and often perceived as difficult.

I can help you make sure that you have the right documents and that the application is properly completed. I also can deal with the authorities on your behalf after the application has been submittes and keep you updated of the progress.

With my assistance all of your bureaucratic affairs will be solved as easily as possible.

The service is tailor-made to suit the needs and budgets of companies of all sizes, household employers and individual work permit applicants.

No one can predict the decisions of the permit authorities, but on the basis of the existing regulations and practices, we can jointly find out where you stand.

The first counselling (by phone / email) is free of charge.

NB. This is not a recruitment agency.

Unfortunately I am not able to find any job for anyone. You must have confirmed employment before you may apply for a worker's residence permit for Finland. If you have been offered work by an employer, the employer needs to confirm that you will really be hired. This is usually done in the form of an employment contract. Your employer must confirm this information by necessary documents for the immigration authorities.

Current issues

The videos show how to apply for a residence permit and what happens when you visit a service point, and they also explain the Enter Finland online service. You should apply for a residence permit online, because it is less expensive than a paper application, and you can get a decision faster.

Vacancies for foreign professionals will be available on the new website This is the first site to present a summary of vacancies in Finland that do not require Finnish. The site is also a concrete tool to support Finnish companies in recruiting international talents. Business Finland offers the service in cooperation with...

Migri: If you are planning a holiday abroad, make sure to check that your residence permit card is valid. If you are waiting for a new residence permit card or if the Finnish Immigration Service is processing your residence permit application, you should wait until your card arrives before travelling.

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