Work permit service for employers and employees in Finland

A person with a job offer or their own company in Finland can apply for a residence permit on the basis of employment or entrepreneurship.

Employees and employers

Assistance with the part or whole of the process from start to finish, for example, the application documents, the authorities, etc.

Individual service

The service is tailor-made to suit the needs of companies of all sizes, domestic employers and individual work permit applicants.

The requirements and arrangements for residence permits are complex and often perceived as confusing.

I can help you make sure that you have the right documents and that the application is properly completed. I also can deal with the authorities on your behalf after the application has been submitted and keep you updated of the progress.

No one can predict the decisions of the permit authorities, but on the basis of the existing regulations and practices, we can jointly find out where you stand.

We make sure to avoid the pitfalls that exist and the mistakes you can make that can cause a rejection.

The first counselling (by phone / email) is free of charge.

In Finland based employers and workers are warmly welcome.

Overseas agencies strictly no thanks.

You can take care of residence related permit matters in the Enter Finland service

NB. This is not a recruitment agency.

You must have confirmed employment before you may apply for a worker's residence permit for Finland. Your employer must confirm this information by necessary documents for the immigration authorities. This is usually done in the form of an employment contract.

Current issues:

If a seasonal worker plans to work for a new employer during the validity of their seasonal work permit, they no longer have to apply for a new residence permit or seasonal work certificate. Instead, they can apply for adding a new employer.

The Finnish Immigration Service is improving its customer services. During the summer, the Finnish Immigration Service will open thousands of new appointments for its services points and provide more advisory services to customers. The Finnish Immigration Service is currently exploring the options of upgrading its appointment booking system.

According to the proposal, the Finnish Immigration Service could grant the national D visa to specialists and startup entrepreneurs, as defined in the draft law, and their family members who have been granted residence permits. In this case, applicants would not be forced to wait for the completion of the residence permit card and its delivery...

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