Work permit related news Amendments to legislation on students and researchers will take effect on Friday 15 April 2022. In future, students can directly be granted a residence permit that is valid for the entire duration of the studies. In addition, all researchers may use the same application form to apply for a residence permit. The amendments only apply to... If you are arriving in Finland from Ukraine due to Russia's attack, you can stay in the country visa-free, apply for temporary protection. You no longer need to wait for a decision on your application before starting work or studies. From now on, you will have the right to work or study as soon as you register your...

The situation of persons exploited by their employer will improve as amendments to the Aliens Act enter into force on 1 October 2021. -- If your employer has exploited you or neglected their obligations to a significant degree, you can apply for an extended permit or for a certificate of expanded right to work and change your employer. To...

If a seasonal worker plans to work for a new employer during the validity of their seasonal work permit, they no longer have to apply for a new residence permit or seasonal work certificate. Instead, they can apply for adding a new employer.

The Finnish Immigration Service is improving its customer services. During the summer, the Finnish Immigration Service will open thousands of new appointments for its services points and provide more advisory services to customers. The Finnish Immigration Service is currently exploring the options of upgrading its appointment booking system.

On 1 February 2021, the Finnish Immigration Service launched a project to speed up and streamline the processing of work-based permits and residence permits for international students. The aim is to issue customers with a work permit on average within a month by 2023.

The Government proposes amendments to the Posted Workers Act that promote equal treatment of local and posted employees with regard to working conditions, and equal competition between companies.

The Government proposes that the exempt amount be raised temporarily from the current EUR 300 to EUR 500 per month. The exempt amount means the amount unemployed jobseekers can earn without an effect on their unemployment benefit.