Work permit related news

Recording of the webinar "Welcome to work in Finland!" by the Finnish Immigration Services covers issues such as residence permits for employed persons, the online service Enter Finland, occupational safety and health, and working life in Finland.

The Finnish Immigraton Service will resume ordinary service as of 1 September 2020 after the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus epidemic. In urgent matters, you can visit the service points of the Finnish Immigration Service and queue using waiting numbers. You will be able to submit an application on Enter Finland or when visiting...

This year, the Finnish Immigration Service may grant an extended permit even if your income was temporarily lower than required. The lower income must be due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it may last for a maximum of six months.

The Government proposes amendments to the Posted Workers Act that promote equal treatment of local and posted employees with regard to working conditions, and equal competition between companies.

The Government proposes that the exempt amount be raised temporarily from the current EUR 300 to EUR 500 per month. The exempt amount means the amount unemployed jobseekers can earn without an effect on their unemployment benefit.

Update 20.3.2020 by Migri: Missions of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign affairs have interrupted the receiving and processing of residence permit applications on 19 March 2020, due to the coronavirus epidemic. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has reported that the residence permit applications already received will be initiated as usual and...