Service fees
Valid from September 1. 2019

Pricing is based on a hourly rate 124€ /h,  (VAT 24% incl):

Counseling by telephone or e-mail

General counseling

Free of charge


Counseling in a certain work permit case without any paperwork


Meeting incl. simple paperwork

In clear cases this can be a sufficient service


Basic Service

Completion of the work permit application. Price depending on the complexity of the case.


Complementary Services

Contact with the authorities, follow-up of the application, possible further clarifications and submission to the authorities. A fixed price can also be agreed and included in to the basic service.

€124 /h

Appeal to the Administrative Court

Written appeal concerning the negative decision of a work permit application. Price according to the complexity of the complaint. €250€ will be billed once the appeal has been submitted, the remainder when the Administrative Court has annulled the negative decision.


An individual may be entitled to a reduced fee depending on the personal financial situation.

Eventual travel expenses outside Helsinki metropolitan area 0,56 € /km will apply

The prices include the value-added tax 24 %. The right to change is reserved.

Authority fees, or other external expenses are not included in the rates

Fees of the Finnish Immigration Service (EUR) in 2020